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As we know at Bullock Estate and Diamond Brokers, selling a diamond can be an emotional experience. Perhaps you never expected to sell your diamond, but now you are looking for a buyer. And if you've received price quotes already, most likely they are far below the retail price you paid.

We at Bullock cannot solve the emotional part (except to lend a sympathetic ear). But we can give you straight talk about selling your diamond, so you can confidently make an informed decision. That's what this guide is all about.

Let's Start With the Bottom Line

If you bought your diamond from a retail jeweler, take a deep breath and prepare yourself. Most diamond-buyers are going to offer you a lot less than you paid, and definitely much less than the diamond's appraised value.

For instance, if you paid $10,000 at a retail jeweler, you're going to get about $3,000 to $4,000 when you sell your diamond. From us or any other professional buyer in the industry.

The offers you receive might surprise you. But as promised, we are going to give you the straight talk about the diamond-buying business. Let's find out where these prices come from.

Where Retail Prices Come From

When you buy a diamond from a retail jeweler, you're buying a stone that has passed through many hands: miners, cutters, distributors, brokers, wholesalers, and finally the retailer. During this journey, the diamond's price increases at each level as the middlemen add their normal profit markup.

Yes, that $10,000 diamond in your local shopping mall was originally sold to a distributor for much less, who sold to a broker who made his 10% commission, who sold to a wholesaler who added her 10% profit, who sold to a retailer for the going wholesale price. Retailers have to cover their expenses (paying employees, rent, etc.), so in the end you pay $10,000 when you buy the diamond. That's how the pricing game works.

Now let's see what happens when you sell a diamond.

Selling Your Diamond

Suppose you sell your diamond to a typical professional buyer. What happens to it next? The buyer then turns around and sells the diamond to a broker. Brokers pay far less than retail price. So a professional buyer keeps this in mind when offering to buy your diamond.

Let's go back to our $10,000 diamond example. Let's imagine that you found a buyer, Dirk's Diamond House, to buy your diamond for $5,000. Now Dirk tries to sell the diamond to a broker for $5,500, a meager 10% profit. Well, the broker will laugh in Dirk's face, because brokers pay less than $5,000 for this sort of stone. Dirk eventually goes out of business.

More realistically, a buyer like Dirk would pay you about $4,000 for the stone, so he can sell it to the broker for $4,400. In order to stay in business, a professional buyer has to offer you about 10% less than the broker's price.

But... not all diamond-buyers are the same!

Why Sell Your Diamond to Bullock?

Bullock Estate and Diamond Brokers has been Houston's most trusted diamond buyer for over 30 years. We have purchased millions of dollars in large diamonds from the public worldwide, so you know we're doing something right! And that "something" is offering the best prices and professional information. We are a family-owned business with the same staff and location for 30 years.

We offer the best price because we buy diamonds every day: all cuts, sizes (one-half carat and larger), and qualities. Most wholesale diamond buyers will be looking only for certain diamonds, say, round and princess cuts, because that's what their clients want. If you're selling one of these cuts, you're in luck, but if yours is a different cut, you'll get a lower price... at least 10% lower.

Bullock, however, buys all cuts all the time. We will even hold a diamond until its cut becomes popular again. We spend a million dollars a year to advertise that we "Buy from the Public," and we mean it. We must buy diamonds every day to fill orders from our worldwide network of over 5,200 dealers.

It's Up to You

We hope that our explanation of diamond-pricing has been helpful to you. Selling a diamond can be a big decision, and you want to get the best price you can.

Get a free price quote for your large diamond before you sell!