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The Bullock Selling Process

When you're ready to sell your diamond or watch to Bullock Estate and Diamond Brokers, how does the transaction work? What should you expect? Our guarantee is: no surprises. Simple, straightforward transactions have earned Bullock Estate and Diamond Brokers its international reputation.

Here is how the transaction would work.

  1. You request a price quote. You can do this by telephone, or online with our convenient and secure diamond quote request or watch quote request services.
  2. We contact you with our offer, which will be the highest price you can get from any dealer.
  3. You decide. If you accept our offer, we make arrangements to see your diamond or watch.
  4. Our experts evaluate your diamond or watch. Assuming your verbal description was accurate, our offer will stand.
  5. You receive full payment within 24 hours after we receive your diamond or watch.

Get a free price quote for your fine watch, large diamond, fine gold jewelry or your clock before you sell!